Choosing Your Fishing Lodge: Home Away from Home

Choosing Your Fishing Lodge: Home Away from Home 

It’s early, but already the temperature’s soaring. There’s not a lick of wind, the heat bouncing off the surface of the water. Beads of sweat roll down your face as you set out across the silent river. You cut your engine. Gentle waves lap the side of the boat as you come quietly to rest. 

When it comes to fishing, you either love it or you just don’t understand it. For those who get it, there’s nothing better than a trip away with nothing to care for but pitting yourself against the elements, outwitting those fish as they hide in the mangroves, the shadows of reefs, or in pockets under docks created by the draw of monster vessels. 

Fishing: A Vocation? 

Many fishermen and women first fell for fishing as children, enjoying summer afternoons on the family boat and fresh fish cookouts on the beach. A rare few go on to join the ranks of professional fishermen and women living the dream: a life on the road, literally fishing for their survival. For most, fishing takes a back seat to the necessities of ordinary life, of earning a living and taking care of the family. When you can snatch a weekend to take off and go fishing or when those annual holidays roll around, there’s simply nothing better than to find yourself a recreational fishing lodge to bunk down in and set your cares adrift. 

Your Fishing Style 

From simple and rustic accommodation to the height of luxurious digs, your choice of where to lay your hat will set the tone for your entire fishing trip. For some, it’s a spirit of adventure that moves them, and fishing holidays take on the air of an unholy, adrenaline-fueled quest. For others, it’s the quiet of the water and the gentle lulling of the waves that drive their worries away. 

Choosing Your Fishing Lodge 

When it comes to choosing your fishing lodge accommodations, take a moment to think about your fishing style and your expectations for the trip. The United States boasts some of the greatest fishing lodges in the world, and choosing between them might make you feel like a kid in a candy store. So try narrowing the field. Choosing your lodge is simply a matter of defining just what you’re looking for. 

When comparing your accommodation options consider these five points to get you started: 

1. The types of fishing available at each lodge.

2. The lodges’ proximity to home, and to other lodges, should you want to tour from one to the next.

3. The size of each place, and whether you’ll enjoy the company of neighbors.

4. The level of comfort on offer.

5. Other amenities available, from swimming pools and barbecues to professional guides and chefs ready to cook up your catch.

Whether you’re in it for the heady thrill of game fishing, if you long to trawl the mangroves or reef fishing brings you an incomparable sense of satisfaction, your fishing lodge will form a pivotal part of your time away. After you’ve battled the wind and sun, reeling in monsters till your arms ache, you’ll retire to your home away from home, wolf down a dinner you caught fair and square and sleep like you’ve never slept before. 

Whatever your taste in time away, you’ll find a fishing lodge to underpin the perfect fishing trip. So go on, get out there. Life’s too short to put your dreams aside.

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