Bassdash SwimCarp



Class: sink Suggested cranking depth: 2ft-10ft 
Weight: 0.81 oz. (23 grams) 
Length: 4.3in (10.9cm) 
Hook size: #6 treble hooks 
Handcrafted from end-to-end, the Bassdash SwimCarp Series features eight rock-solid joints, which impart an extra-smooth S-shaped swimming action on a straight retrieve. 
Ready to fish right out of the box, the SwimCarp minnow are fitted with premium split rings and razor-sharp treble hooks. Each piece of the swimbait is separately manufactured and painted, and then connected to each other. Anatomically accurate down to the scales, the swimbaits feature textured fins, lifelike 3-D eyes, and premium painted finishes that are in a league of their own. A must-have for swimbait enthusiasts and for anglers who are after fish eaters.