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Product Features: 

  1. Pursuing the leading technology for continuous advancement in manufacturing and design. 
  2. Staying at the forefront of fish behavioral studies and its application to product research and development.
  3. creates more bite by wide wave motion and strengthened flashing effect.
  4. Honeycomb super HP body is the first special structure in the industry that made coexistence of intensity and a weight saving. 
  5. Sometimes low impact clear body attracts bass more responding to the color of water or condition of bass. 
  6. Gift  :Each bait including one bearking fishing tackle stickers.
  7. All baits are Pure Handmade

Product Details:

  1. Brand: Bearking
  2. Lure Model: JIKS-S82M54
  3. Lure Type: Minnow
  4. Lure Weight: 16g   
  5. Lure Length: 110mm
  6. Hooks: It is armed with   white   3*2XStrong   Bearking Hooks
  7. Rings: Quality Bearking Flat rings