TREHOOK 70SP Black Minnow



Product Features:

1. Your secret weapon to fish like a pro ! Are you tired of didn’t catching that BIG fish that you always want to catch ? You feel that the other people always catch more than you do? Then you need our pike/bass lure to CATCH BIGGER & MORE FISH. Our lure puts you ahead of your peers while they still be wondering how !

2.Brilliant colors:Brilliant colors and realistic crankbait with lifelike bait fish swimming action to attract fishes which can be used in freshwater.The 3D eyes with a lifelike design of our crankbait.

3.Steel ball inside: The ball is always rolling when dumping which can control barycenter easily and can be casted far. Noise model design which has unique rhythmic sound make crank baits more easily to be attacked by various fishes.

4.The new add in your tackle box:Durable ABS construction make it rigged with sharp treble hooks which makes it a powerful catching tool.

Product Details:
Lure Type: Minnow Fishing Lure
Lure Weight: 6.8g
Lure Length: 7cm