Reasons to Fish More This Year

Reasons to Fish More This Year

Tossing a hook into the water and pulling back a large fish is an addicting thing. Fishing provides a relaxing escape and an outdoor sport all in one. So, if you need convincing or you need a way to convince your spouse to let you fish more, here are four reasons to wet more lines this year. 

1. Fishing is therapeutic

Fishing is a relaxing hobby. There is not much better than being out on the water by yourself or with a buddy with the sole purpose of hooking fish. From the sense of calm anticipation that exists after your line hits the water to the sense of accomplishment that overcomes you after you pull a big bass into the boat, fishing is full of good feelings. Unlike golf, which often leads to high blood pressure and profanity-laced afternoons, fishing is a relaxing, enjoyable activity even on days when the fish are not biting.

2. Fishing allows you to enjoy nature

Whether you fish in a pond, a river, or the ocean, fishing allows you to spend time in the outdoors, drinking in the fresh air. In particularly remote fishing holes, you can really appreciate being alone with nature, away from civilization. The sunshine, the smell of the grass and trees, and the pull of a large fish on the end of your line combine to form a rather intoxicating blend that makes an afternoon spent in front of a TV seem foolish.

3. Fishing requires minimal equipment

In reality, all you need to fish is a cane pole, a line, and a hook with a worm (in addition to a spot to fish); however, a rod and reel and some artificial bait will probably help you catch bigger fish. You can be a successful fisherman without spending much money at all, which makes fishing stand out among many other hobbies, especially golf. Golfers spend a ton of money on clubs and greens fees. Fishing can be as expensive (big boats, exotic trips, etc.) or as cheap as you want it to be. 

4. Some fish are quite tasty

If you are a good fisherman, you can leave your fishing spot with a cooler full of fish waiting to be fried up for supper. Many freshwater and saltwater fish make for great eating. Check with your local natural resource authorities to make sure the fish are safe to eat. 

So if you’ve got a couple hours on a Saturday afternoon, dust off the rod and reel and call up a buddy. Even if the fish are not biting, you will have spent your afternoon well.

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